Facebook Calculator: Want to know how much time you’ve spent on Facebook?

I can’t believe Facebook is going to be ten years old on Feb 4! Ten years is a long time!

Do you want to know how much time you’ve spent on Facebook since you’ve signed up? How about the number of things that you’ve posted on your wall or timeline?

With this calculator, now you’ll know how much time you’ve spent (or wasted) on Facebook.

You won’t exactly get the total number of hours since you’ve signed up, but the calculator does an estimate based on how much time you think you spend on Facebook everyday. For example, I keyed in 30 minutes. I don’t think this is entirely accurate; there are days I spend more than half hour. On the other hand, there are days where I go Facebook fasting.

What’s cool about this calculator is that it also counts the number of things you’ve posted on your timeline.

Okay, enough talk.

Here’s my result:

a screenshot of the facebook calculator
I was quite surprised that the total is 13 days! I expected it to be more!

Let’s break down the result.

Here’s how the calculator got it’s total: 30minutesX632 days/60 minutes/24 hours=Time Wasted

The total time is just an estimate based on what you’ve entered. And this does not count your other Facebook account. I deleted my first Facebook account, which means that I was a Facebook user for more than 632 days.

What’s interesting though is the number of items I posted on my timeline! I can’t believe I wrote/shared/posted 4664 items! That means on average I post around 7 items per day.

Go ahead and give it a try! Here’s the link: Facebook calculator.


It takes a few minutes to get the result. Mine took 11 minutes.

After you get the result, please do come back here and post it! 🙂




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Irene Chan

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