Problem with Editing Facebook’s Look Back Video

facebook look back screenshotAre you happy with your Facebook “look back” video?

After getting complaints from some users about the inability to edit the video, Facebook added an “Edit” button. There were some unfortunate users who were not thrilled with the photos shown on the video (e.g. photos of exes, unflattering photos, Miley Cyrus’s twerking photo?).

While I was completely satisfied with my own Look Back video, I can understand other people’s need to edit the video.

I went ahead and gave it a try.

Unfortunately, the story ended after clicking the “Edit” button.

When I clicked the button, the link on the address bar, but the actual page doesn’t load. I tried it in different browsers but the same thing happened.

Since this is an entirely new feature, it’s not surprising to encounter bugs.

It is also unclear whether this feature was rolled out to everyone.

But based on posts from other tech blog, you will have the chance to replace the photos that you’re not very fond of. However, according to CNET:

Editing is a bit tricky, as you’ll need to remove a photo before you can add a different one to the video. Make sure to go through and remove the photos you’d rather forget about before adding your favorite moments. –

It looks like this is just a quick fix to help those who are not so fortunate with the way their Look Back video turned out. Hopefully, bugs will be fixed soon.

I will try again in later and update this post.

What about you? Have you seen your Look Back video? Did you have problems editing it?



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Irene Chan

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