The Zen of Managing Your Facebook Account

ID-100225191Have you ever read an article from one blog that changed your life? I’m not talking about GIF-filled posts in Buzzfeed that is so freaking hilarious that it changed your life. 🙂 I’m talking about reading a post from a blog you respect. And after reading it, you couldn’t sleep. You feel lost and depressed-as if someone threw a bucket of ice-cold water on your face.

Well, this recently happened to me. A few weeks ago, I read a blog post entitled 20 Warning Signs that Your Content Sucks from Copyblogger. This post had a huge impact on me. And, in a way, it changed the way I view blogging and the way I use social media.

As I read the entire article, my blog had more than 50% of the warning signs.

Upon learning the truth, it ruined my confidence. I began doubting my skills as a blogger and as a writer. After days of staring at the ceiling and beating myself up, I made a decision to stop wallowing, get off my ass, and actually do something. Now that I know that problem, I can start fixing it.

One of the warning signs of a sucky blog content is if you don’t write 1000 words per day. So, I made a decision and the commitment to write 1000 words per day.

I work full-time and manage my blog at the same time. I thought, “Where am I going to get the time to squeeze in at least an hour to write 1000 words per day?” I had to sacrifice something. And then it hit me.

I must sacrifice a huge part of my day virtually hanging out in social media.

 Time Spent on Facebook

Before taking on the 1000-word challenge, I actually had no idea on how much time I spend on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But I estimate that I at least spend an hour and a half checking my news feed, thinking of clever things to share on my status update, flooding my timeline with my dog’s photos.

I really didn’t have any structure as to how I use Facebook. I check it when I take a break and don’t really take note of the time. Sometimes I’d say I’d take five minutes to check the most recent notifications, but then with the BuzzFeed posts on my news feed, five minutes can turn to fifteen minutes. But because I enjoy watching GIFs too much, it doesn’t seem like 15 minutes. And before I knew it, the supposedly 15-minute break turned to 30 minutes.

My Super Simple Facebook Routine

 Only check Facebook when I already have accomplished all my goals for the day.

It was hard at first. I felt like the invisible line that connects my body and my virtual self was cut. I felt like I was missing out on a lot of things.

But then after a week, I was surprised with what I was able to accomplish. Without spending so much time on social media, I was able to:

  • Write 1000 words per day without any interruptions.

  • Feel more in touch with myself and my goals.

  • Focus on planning and mapping out on how to achieve my goals this year.

  • Spend more time biking, dancing, and walking my dog.

  • come to the realization that I must pursue a master’s degree.

The invisible line that connects me to the virtual world didn’t feel so bad because the line that connects my physical self to my inner self became stronger.

Spending less time on Facebook was kind of walking out from a party filled with people and walking back to the comfort of your own bed.  Sure, you liked the feeling of getting invited to an important party. But then at the end of the day, there is nothing more inviting than your warm bed.

And the thing is, I really didn’t completely abandon Facebook. I still access it every day. I just make it a point to open Facebook when I’m done with work and blogging duties.  With this routine, I kinda miss my friends at the end of the day. So, I appreciate it more when I respond to their messages and comments.

 Start Your Own Zen

If you want to adapt this routine, here are a few tips:

  • If you’re using a MAC or iOS device, always turn the “Do Not Disturb” button on.
  • If you’re using a PC, only open the applications or programs that you need for work.
  • Log out from Facebook during work hours.
  • Do not check “Social” tab in Gmail.
  • Set a daily goal that you need to accomplish before you can open Facebook. This is non-negotiable.

Sometimes we are unaware of how much social media overpowers our life. That’s why I believe it’s important to  reflect on how we use social media and how it impacts our lives.

So, how much time do you spend on Facebook on a daily basis? Are you planning on dialing it down?


Irene Chan

Irene Chan

Irene Chan loves two things: communication and technology. With this tech blog and her role as Head of Communications at Veems, she believes she has the best job in the world. 🙂 Besides those two things, she's also crazy for coffee, dogs, and zombies.Follow her on Veems to get tips and fun updates from her geeky life.
Irene Chan