Why There’s No Need to Know Who Unfriended You on Facebook




CNET just shared a post on how to know if someone unfriended you on Facebook. Which made me think. Why the hell would I want to know who unfriended me?

That’s just information that I have no use for.


First off, if you do find out who are the most recent people who unfriended you, what’s the next step? Will you send them another friend request?


If somebody unfriended me, I trust that they have a good reason and respect their decision.


There was a time that I unfriended people. But I only did it because I don’t like negative stuff on my news feed. So, if I detect that this person constantly poses something that is self-destructive or does not say nice things about other people, I sometimes unfriend him/her.

To know more about this, I actually wrote a post on why it’s important to customize your Facebook news feed.


But lately I longer do this. The most effective solution for me is to unsubscribe from the person’s posts so it will no longer show in my newsfeed. This way I can decrease the chances of negative vibes that are showing up on my news feed. At the same time, I don’t offend people (just in case they are sensitive about this issue).


So, what do you think? Would you bother knowing who unfriended you on Facebook?


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Irene Chan

Irene Chan

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Irene Chan

  • Lani

    I don’t need to know because I don’t care about it. They can do whatever they want to do, it is their account not mine.

    • Irene Enriquez

      Exactly, Tita! Well said. 🙂