What Your #MakeUpTransformation Says About You

110,305  posts. That’s the number of photos shared in Instragram under the hashtag #makeuptransformation as of August 18, 11:41 PM. I’ve been fascinated with this trend and have participated myself. I’ve been monitoring its progress on the different social media sites. As of Saturday morning last week, there were approximately 35K posts under the same hashtag. Afther 48 hours, the amount of posts has increased by more than 200%.

This trend has also spawned hundreds of blog posts collecting various transformations from celebrities and netizens. Without a doubt, this trend is a sure hit.

When did it all start?

The Makeup Transformation actually isn’t something new. Beauty gurus in YouTube are known to share their before and after makeup transformations. However, this trend has evolved into something else. Some transformations are pee-in-your-pants hilarious. Some are “meh”. A few are pure genius.

Which One Are You?

With the overflowing #MakeupTransformation photos, it’s time to categorize the content. This is an epic moment in the history of the Internet. And it’s important to record this phenomenon.

***Disclaimer: I generally don’t like stereotypes. I don’t like to categorize people in one box. But just this once, I’m going to use the common stereotypes portrayed in horror and teen films to illustrate what your own #makeuptransformation might say about you. Just like the trend–this is nothing serious. It’s just good ol’ fun. 🙂 

The Cheerleader

Let’s start with the character that everyone would love to hate: the cheerleader types. They’re sexy, cute, and popular to boot!

In the world of Makeup Transformation, the cheerleaders are the ones who  copy the makeup of a popular Hollywood or local celebrity. Generally, their transformation look neat and pretty.


This is my friend, Joanna Roxas. Isn’t her transformation pretty? 🙂 One of the posts that inspired me to do my own.

The Creative Artist

In movies, you love them for their highly creative mind. They see things in a different way. Sometimes you mistake them for a hippie. But one thing you can’t help but love about them is their imagination.


makeuptransformation-141-e1408270922506The Geek

The portrayal of geeks in the media has been generally positive. With shows like The Big Bang Theory, geekdom is celebrated.

Now, I wasn’t able to find a lot of geeky transformations in Instragram.  And please forgive me since this example is self-serving. 🙂

Make Up Transformation
When this trend exploded, I immediately knew that I wanted to join in. But I wanted to do something that really speaks about myself. At the same time, I want it to be a reflection of my blog’s theme: Girly Geek. As an Apple enthusiast, this transformation made sense. This also inspired this post. 🙂 The things that we usually create is a reflection of our personality.


harry potter #makeuptransformation
This is my boyfriend’s transformation. Conceptualized and directed by yours truly. 🙂
And of course, one of my favorites. 🙂

The Class Clown

Oh don’t you love the class clown? Whether in movies or in real life, class clowns don’t have problems of making fun of themselves.

Thankfully, there are tons of transformations that belong to this category. And honestly, people like them make this trend worthwhile. 🙂


The Jock

No horror film or teen movie is complete without the “muscle”. They have the perfect hair. And they look damn good with without any shirt on.

Ladies and gents can feast their eyes (or scratch their eyes out) with the hundreds of “jock” transformations.


The Pure Genius

Geniuses are very rare indeed. Beautiful minds like Sheldon Cooper can’t be replicated. The same thing applies in #makeuptransformations.

These transformations can only be done by a genius:




So, which category do you belong to? Thought of another category? Please do share by commenting below!

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It’s hard to credit all the photos since they’ve been shared many times. If you’d like to get credited for the images, please do send me an email at Girlygeekph@gmail.com. Or simply comment below. Thank you!

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