Have you noticed new social buttons in your Gmail inbox?

a screenshot of gmail inbox

So, I was just checking my email, and I noticed that there are new buttons in my social tab in Gmail. Honestly, I’m not entirely 100% sure when it appeared. It might have been there for weeks now, but I was just too busy to noticed.

I checked the Gmail blog to see if there are more information on this, but I didn’t find any.

Anyway, this new buttons that appear on the subject of the email message allows you to view the tweet or follow someone without opening the actual message. Once you click “View Tweet”, a new tab will open to the link of the Tweet.

screenshot of tweet
When I clicked “View Tweet” , I was taken to the specific link of the tweet and not the entire feed.

I noticed that Twitter, Foursquare, and YouTube have these buttons but not Facebook. The buttons vary from “View Video” (YouTube), “Accept” Friendship” (Foursquare) and “Follow Back” (Twitter). There are probably more, but based on the notifications I’ve received these are the only ones I know so far.

Gmail app for smartphones doesn’t seem to have this feature.

This new social feature is a teeny tiny change, but it does provide some convenience. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the notifications. With this button, you can easily take action to the notication–whether you want to reply, retweet, or comment on a video.

At the office, however, this option is useless as social media sites are blocked there. So, if I ever I want to see the Tweets or other messages while working at the office, I’ll have to open the email.

Not all Gmail updates are hits to users, but this change is too subtle that it won’t affect your general experience.

Have you checked your inbox recently? Did you notice the new social buttons as well? Or has it been there for a while now? Let me know, guys! ๐Ÿ™‚

Irene Chan

Irene Chan

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